Nutriment Low Purine Chubb- 1kg

Nutriment Low Purine Chubb- 1kg

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Discover Nutriment's specialized Low Purine and Phosphorus raw dog food formula, meticulously designed to promote overall canine health, with a specific focus on supporting the pancreas, liver, and kidneys. 🐾🍲

Our recipe features essential nutrition derived from high-quality, biologically appropriate ingredients, while naturally maintaining low levels of purine and phosphorous. These naturally occurring substances, when consumed in excess, can pose health concerns for dogs. 🍗🥦

At Nutriment, our in-house canine nutritionists carefully curate human-grade quality meats, along with supplementary vegetables and superfoods, to create a meal that is not only easily digestible but also delectable, ensuring your pup will love every bite. 🌽🍖

Give your furry companion the best care with Nutriment's Low Purine and Phosphorus raw dog food formula – a great-tasting, supportive meal that prioritises their well-being. 🌟🐕🍽️


Paws on Floors are based in Alconbury, Huntingdon. We are delighted to offer you a FREE local delivery service within a 15 mile radius of Huntingdon for orders of 8kgs or more.

If you live a little further away, don't panic we will try our very best to work out a route, we may already be delivering in your area. So please give us a call on 01480 504600 to discuss further options.

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I will have your order ready, at the agreed time. Your order will be packed in Polystyrene boxes as they always have been. If you wish to bring your own bags thats perfectly great too. 

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    We have a minimum order of 8kg for FROZEN items so that our products remain frozen in transit. To ensure your order is delivered without delay then please make sure you have ordered a minimum of 16 x 500g tubs, or 8kg x 1kg tubs OR 6 x 1.4kg chubb’s.

    Please note no local deliveries on Saturday, Sunday, or public holidays. If you have any concerns about when your order will be received, please feel free to call us or send an email to

    PLEASE NOTE:  that there are restrictions on some geographic locations (Northern Ireland, the Highlands of Scotland, the Isle of Man, the Isle of Wight etc) which can mean we are unable to deliver.  

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