About us

So, you’ve landed on our ‘About us page’

Introducing the Paws on Floors team. The most important team members are Tia & Coco, our quality control and supervisors, always on the ball and Paws firmly on the Floor. Lee who packs & unpacks all our goodies and I’m Lori, Hi.

Tia is an 8 year young Springer Spaniel, who loves her Raw food as she knows it is good for her and is yummy. Coco (the Brown Bomber) is 2 years old and definitely a Cocker Spaniel, Raw fed since a pup and full of life. 

At Paws on Floors we believe in feeding our dogs only the best food. Healthy Raw food, no cheap fillers, nor third rate meat and no artificial nasties. 

After seeing the difference Raw food made to our daughter-in-law’s dog who suffered from allergies, we started Tia on Raw food when she was 3, the improvement in her skin and digestive system was amazing. No more feeling guilty that we couldn’t find her a suitable food, no more itchy skin and no more angry tummy from allergies.

I’m sure if Tia could talk she would tell you that she feels much healthier and happier now. With her shiny coat and healthy teeth, the only thing we need to be keep an eye on is her weight, we have to be careful she doesn’t eat too much, as she loves the variety of Raw food we have available.

Coco joined our family two years ago and we started her on the puppy food that we provide in store. She’s as mad as a box of frogs and we wouldn’t have her any other way. The Raw food gives them both the Spring in Springer Spaniel.

We are now launching our new company Paws on Floors. The experience we have gained has meant that we can give advice and supply the right food for your dogs.  As a qualified Raw Dog Food Nutritional Specialist, we want to provide the same quality of food to you, our customers.

Paws on Floors can provide a starter pack at a reasonable price on request, and if you call and ask for me, Lori, Tia says I’m very good at giving advice on the best food for your dog. Coco will run around frantically making sure we have everything you need. Lee will pack the orders and you will receive your Raw Food for your dog to try.